Why millennials are killing loyalty and demanding brand engagement?

The first panel discussion at the 2017 CXO Leaders Summit Singapore was moderated by Anna Gong, CEO, Perx Technologies and featuring Jessica Li, APAC Director of Customer Experience at Johnson & Johnson, Niamh Byrne, Head of Customer Experience, APC & EMEA at Citi Bank, Rod Strother, Vice President of Digital Transformation at StarHub and Tomasz Kurczyk, Digital Transformation Director at AXA Singapore. The discussion was themed around ‘Why millennials are killing loyalty and demanding brand engagement?’’ and covered why Millennials are highly flirtatious, spoilt for choice and are no longer lured simply by brand loyalty.

The panellists discussed how in the digital age, we need to engage and build relationships with our customers in a way they only know how – instant, spontaneous, purpose driven and fun with contextual and predictive engagement being fundamental. This panel discussion delved into the strategic move towards building a more personalized and contextualized customer journey with the younger demographic, leveraging data, AI, apps and customer engagement solutions and highlighted the importance for brands to create a customer relationship to build sustainable brand loyalty.

Anna Gong, CEO, Perx Technologies

Niamh Byrne, Head of Customer Experience, APC & EMEA, Citi Bank
Tomasz Kurczyk, Digital Transformation Director, AXA Singapore
Rod Strother, VP Digital Transformation, StarHub
Jessica Li, APAC Director of Customer Experience, Johnson & Johnson

Anna is the CEO and Founder of Perx Technologies Pte Ltd, the leading mobile customer engagement SaaS company, backed by the co-founder of Facebook Eduardo Saverin and Golden Gate Ventures. Previous to joining Perx, her 5th startup experience, Anna was Vice President of Channels Sales for Asia Pacific & Japan at Infor where she’s responsible for the go-to-market strategy and execution of the channels sales business.

Niamh is currently the Head of Customer Experience at Citi Bank and is a seasoned international marketer with deep experience in the mobile telecom and technology sectors. His role focuses on building a customer first, mobile first culture, delivering personalized, consistent and compelling Omni-channel customer experiences across 16 markets.

Tomasz is the Digital Transformation Director at AXA Singapore. He is a seasoned Senior Digital, CRM and Customer Experience Leader with strong leadership and entrepreneurial aptitude, complemented by a decade of outstanding hands-on expertise in business and technology aspects of digital business, customer strategies and customer experience within complex organisations.

Rod leads StarHub’s digital transformation efforts in order to deliver a seamless multi-platform brand experience for customers. He has more than 30 years of experience in marketing, digital and social media for brand and marketing agencies across UK, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore. A regular speaker at conferences in Asia and internationally as well as a judge for a number of international marketing and digital award shows, Rod was named as one of the Top 20 Digital Marketing professionals by the CMO Council in 2013.

Jessica is the APAC Director of Customer Experience at Johnson & Johnson. She started her career with Procter & Gamble as a Distribution Resources Planning Manager and has held progressive positions in supply chain management, in Canada and in China, with Unilever, Novartis, Diageo and Louis Vuitton prior to joining Johnson & Johnson in 2011.

How culture drives customer experiences?

Shefali Gupta, Senior Vice President Strategy and Priyank Sharma, Vice President, Regional Customer Experience at DBS Bank spoke to delegates at the 2017 CXO Leaders Summit Singapore about ‘How culture drives customer experiences?’

The keynote presentation covered learnings from DBS on the right behaviours and mindsets that employees should have to ensure delivery of exceptional experience to their customers. They covered questions on how customer experience is not driven only by the frontline staff, but is dependent on the organisation’s mindset as a whole.

Shefali is currently the Senior Vice President of Strategy at DBS Bank. She is Senior banker with experience in Assets and Liability business. Functional expertise in Operations, Service, Sales & Distribution and call centre management with 15 years of global banking experience with Citibank.

Priyank is currently the Vice President of Regional Customer Experience at DBS Bank with experience in customer experience management, customer experience analytics, business and marketing analytics, customer strategy, focus group discussions, enterprise transformation and strategic initiatives.

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