Measuring the Success of a Loyalty Program

Chen Peng, General Manager at AIMIA, hosted a workshop at the 2017 CXO Leaders Summit Singapore on ‘Measuring the Success of a Loyalty Program’.

The focus was on the heavy investment of these Loyalty programs and how marketing teams are constantly under pressure to demonstrate the real return of loyalty programs. He explored the financial and non-financial measures defining success of a loyalty program and delved into the practical measurements in both areas.

Chen is the General Manager at AIMIA and a data scientist by training. He is an established marketer in the CRM and loyalty space with more than 15 years of experience building loyalty programs. Chen has worked on loyalty strategy for global brands like ExxonMobil, P&G, Samsung, PCCW and is currently focusing on developing the next generation loyalty programs for AIMIA in the region.

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