So you have the data. Now what?

Mac Bryla, Senior Consultant at Tableau Asia Pacific talks on ‘So you have the data. Now what?’

Mac Bryla talks to delegates at the 2017 CXO Leaders Summit Singapore about data and making sense of it. The key take aways from this being that technology alone cannot answer all our analytical questions when it comes to data. In this case technology should fade into the background and allow individual human brilliance to shine through.

Mac shared the approach requires a cultural change, an introduction to a culture of self-reliance, one where data plays a central role in every conversation, and where everyone can ask and answer questions of their data. The result of which is coming up with a new and creative approach to gaining insight from data and thus shedding the old way of thinking which ultimately limits recreating old reports using new tools and opens up the opportunity to reimagine your solution entirely.

Mac is a senior technology leader and is passionate about innovative technology, data, creativity and critical thinking. His career has focused on a blend of strategic thinking, marketing, sales and technical skills, sharing his mission to help organisations adopt the culture of self-reliance and analytics.

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